HomeFront Rising and onelove would like to support your community-based artwork. We invite you to apply for our Artist-in-Residence program.
Free accommodations in New Orleans!
If it meets our criteria, we'll get in touch.
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If you’re a veteran, when, where and in which branch of the military did you serve? If you provide services to veterans, please give us a few details. *

Letter of Intent: Please give us the equivalent of a one-page, detailed description of your plans for a residency. Be sure to mention how you and your work would reflect your experience and/or benefit the surrounding neighborhood. If any, please also describe your previous community-based art experience. If you prefer, attach a Word document or PDF to an email and send it to info@homefrontrising.org *

When do you want to arrive?

When do you want to depart?

Artist Statement: Please tell us about you and your work in 500 words or less. *

Please send a simple, up-to-date résumé and any additional files (optional) such as letters of recommendation and publicity materials to info@homefrontrising.org

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